Understanding your origin

There's a lot of features on the Origin amplifier. The below videos should help you wrap your head around what these features can do for you and your playing.

Understanding Tilt
Want some more tonal control? The Origin features 'Tilt' which allows you to add more warmth or top end to your sound.
Gain boost
Need a boost? The Origin features a pull boost feature that gives you the extra bit of needed gain.
Boosted lead
Want a little bit more bite? The Origin's got you covered. We talked through settings to get a classic, searing lead tone.
Dirty Tones
It's time to break up. We explored the tonal diversity of the Origin by exploring the transparent, all-valve drive tones.
Understanding Powerstem
Want all the tone without the volume? Introducing Powerstem on our Origin amps.
Country Tones
It's time for some chicken pickin. We tweaked the EQ and took the Origin down south to get some real country tones.
Clean tones
Whether you prefer chimey, bright sparkle or warm, dark resonance, the Origin can do it all. In this episode we explore the Marshall Origin's clean tones.