Studio JTM

Era-Defining Sound

The amp that started it all is back, just smaller. A welcome addition to the Studio series, Studio JTM packs a punch, reproducing the iconic warm and smooth tones of the original JTM. Whether you're playing at home, in the studio or on stage, Studio JTM can adapt to any environment with built-in power reduction technology. 

It’s your turn to be a part of history with the Studio JTM and its valve-driven break-up at lower volumes.

Studio JTM in action

Dan Hawkins of The Darkness | Studio JTM
Dan Hawkins tries out the Studio JTM before discussing how it compares to the original JTM45 in tone and why 20-watt valve amps can be a versatile tool for any player.
Backstage With Joe Hottinger of Halestorm | Studio JTM
Joining us backstage, Joe Hottinger shreds on the Studio JTM. Joe discusses his relationship with Marshall, his favourite parts of performing, and how he achieves his signature sound.
Richie Faulkner of Elegant Weapons & Judas Priest | Studio JTM
Richie Faulkner runs through the new Studio JTM. Boosting his sound with a Shredmaster, Richie explains how to find the perfect tone on an amp like the Studio JTM.
Mimisounds | Mia Smith | Studio JTM Playthrough
Session guitarist and guitar influencer Mia Smith tells us about some of her favourite guitar heroes and how the Studio JTM helps bring the iconic British rock 'n' roll sound to life.