Design store

Personalise your amp or cab.

Your amp or cab will be fitted out at the Marshall factory in Bletchley, England. Each Marshall amplifier and speaker cabinet carries with it the history & heritage of more than half a century of Marshall’s experience and expertise.

There’s a whole range of options you can have fitted to your new amp, right here in our factory. Want an all-white amp – no problem. Or how about a snake-skin finish with a basket weave fret. Pick from our sample palette of coverings, grille cloth, logo, piping and beadings -and we’ll do the rest.

From checkerboard to basket weave, our classic black to tan-like cane colour, our fret cloth options allow you to choose from vintage designs right up to modern day looks when customising your Marshall. Want to go all black, or style your custom amplifier after a ‘Bluesbreaker’? We can do it.

Add another level of individuality to your Design Store amplifier with multiple colour options in the vinyl coverings. With bright levant coverings, a classic Jubilee-style grey and Anniversary edition style blue, the legacy of classic Marshalls can be selected from our wide palette. Want something a bit more contemporary? Our western and python skin covering offer something completely different.

Contact your local retailer for more information. You can find them here.