Branden Taulbee

Branden Taublee has never strayed far from his country roots, whether he's playing for Montgomery Gentry or Halfway To Hazard. Influenced by his father, who also played bass, Branden has become a key player in the world of country music. 


What made you start playing Bass?

I am really blessed to be the son of a phenomenal bass player. My father took me to sessions when I was barely big enough to walk. He put a bass in my hands for the first time when I was five, but I really didn't pursue it properly until I was fourteen. My dad was certainly my earliest Bass influence.

So when you started playing more seriously at fourteen who were your influences then?

I worked to emulate the bass players who were on the radio in my formative years: Nathan East, David Hungate, and Lee Sklar. There was a whole other scene in Nashville that played a huge role in shaping my playing, with guys like Craig Nelson, Gary Lunn and Jackie Street.

What is it about your Eden rig that you particularly like?

My Eden rig meets the unique demands of the touring environment with Montgomery Gentry in several ways. We use the xlr/direct output from the amp, which provides a clean and warm sound as the focal point of my live bass sound. That direct signal is blended with a mic on my cabinet, so the terrific sounding 212 cabinet I'm currently using is absolutely vital.

Is there anything you do in particular to get your sound?

The flexible parametric EQ on my Eden is a key component to what we achieve with the bass sound, making the tone solid and focused, eliminating parts of the sound that get out of control in some venues. The end result is a bass sound that feels incredible onstage and at front of house, and Eden has provided me with the tools to consistently achieve that sound night in and night out.