Bunny Brunel

Bass legend Bunny Brunel has performed and recorded with an impress array of music industry giants. Among them are Stevie Wonder, Ziggy Marley and Gloria Estefan.  Equally at home in the roles of composer, arranger, producer and designer, he has also collaborated on a range of professionals in the film and TV industry. As a soundtrack composer he worked with Clint Eastwood in creating the main theme (Claudia's theme) for the award winning film, 'The Unforgiven'. He also worked on several TV shows, including the popular series 'Highlander'. In 2007 he took on the role of music director for French megastar Michel Polnareff. 'Ze Tour' was attended by over 3 million people and recieved the French equivalent of a Grammy, the Victoire de la Musique for best live performance.

When he isn't working on his own solo projects, Bunny produces and performs with the jazz fusion group CAB. Their music highlights his beautiful compositions and melodic solos and show off breathtaking bass lines. Their second album, 'CAB2', recieved a Grammy nomination for 'Best Comtemporary Jazz Album'.