Which artists inspire you?

Some surprising people. Dave Grohl! We’ve not toured with him but I have been at lots of festivals together with Dave Grohl, lots of respect for that guy. Everyone says the same thing about him though don’t they ‘cos he’s the man. Lemmy I love, still love him. He was a soldier.  Henry Wallins, he was a cool dude. Intelligent, articulate. 

You’re a very well known Eden player. What gear do you have in your rig at the moment?

I’m a valve man. I have five Eden valve amps. I know it sounds like a ridiculous amount of amps but you’ve got to keep a nice balance on stage. So when you’ve got Ace with all his Marshalls on stage…I need a balance! I run two amps simultaneously, one clean, one dirty. Then I run two 8x10s and two spare 4x10s in case anything goes down. Then I’ve got my pedal board, which is absolutely ridiculous. I’m trying to make it smaller. I’ve got a warmer, synth pedal, wah pedal, tone bender, chorus pedal, big muff, delay pedal and a bass whammy.

If you had to give one top tip to Eden bassists, what would it be?

Learn to play four strings before you get five! I would say to any bassist, the most important thing is, if you can’t play one note properly, there’s no point playing two. You’ve got to be able to have that groove and that feeling. For me, personally, I don’t like playing 5 strings. I’m so used to playing a 4 string, when I get the extra string on the top, I’ve really got to concentrate to remember that that’s the B. When you get to the D string, it’s a little bit more navigation, whereas on a 4 string everything is natural for me.