JD Short

A loyal Eden player since the mid-nineties, JD Short is no stranger to the indepedent music scenes of Chicago, Nashville, Indianapolis, and Louisville. After playing in a mix of bands across the States, he went on to train at Indiana University Bloomington.

Today, JD’s main outlet is a solo act called BassDbler which is often described as bass-driven, cinematic, trip-hop. References for BassDbler would include Magma, Portishead, Mogwai, Turing Machine, and Philip Glass. JD writes and records all of the instruments for BassDbler and recreates the atmosphere live using different combinations of backing tracks, synths, bass, and a massive stage presence.

A lot of his music is inspired by the Dune series of books with narrative threads carried between individual songs and the albums 'Slow Blade Penetrates The Shield' and 'Machine & Ghola'.

JD also composes music for films and tv shows as well as serving as the Music Director for the Giant Fire Breathing Robot website and family of podcasts, in addition to playing with various other groups.

JD plays through a WTX500, 190, CaliforniWAH, WDTI, D210MBX, D410XLT and DC210XLT Metro.