Laura Greenberg

Raised in Ottawa, Canada, bassist Laura Greenberg began playing music in 2003. Six years later she went to study with Victor Wooten in Nashville. She then went on to study music at Carleton University where she was awarded the University Medal for Music. Now Laura regularly tours with international blues act JW-Jones and does over 100 live shows a year. Over the course of her career she's performed in fifteen countries and has opened for Johnny Winter, Jimmie Vaughan and B.B. King. She also performed on Jones' 2015 album 'Belmont Boulevard' which earned several national award nominations in Canada, including Blues Album of the Year at the JUNO awards. As well as performing, Laura also contributes to Bass Musician Magazine. 

In 2018, Laura won the Maple Blues Award for Bassist of the Year. 


When did you start playing bass?

I started playing guitar as a teenager, I guess about 14 or 15 years old. I played in bands as a guitar player for the next five years. Eventually I decided to buy a bass on a whim, just for fun. As soon as I owned a bass, everyone expected me to become a bass player in their band, and after a while I noticed I hadn’t touched my guitar in a long time, and I turned in to a bass player! At the time there was more of a demand for bass players. I kind of fell in to it, but it felt more comfortable for me. I realised it was more for me than the guitar.

What was the first band you were in?

As a bass player it was an originals psychedelic rock band, some people who had posted an ad because they were looking for a bass player. I went out and auditioned for them about a week after I bought the bass! I didn’t actually think they’d want me!

How would you describe your style of bass playing?

That’s a tough question! With JW Jones, the band we’re on tour with right now, definitely influenced by a lot of Blues as it’s a Blues band. So people like Willie Dickson. But other bass players I’ve listened to over the years and really enjoyed are people like Victor Wooten, James Jamerson and Jaco Pastorius. Those are all big names for me.