Leon Philipsen

Born and raised by a musical family in Wellington, New Zealand, Leon first picked up a bass at the age of 11. He has experimented with a range of genres, performing everything from classical to jazz and metal to big band.

He has an impressive resume when it comes to the artists that he’s played with, including Jim Pugh (Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra) and Bennie Maupin (Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock). He has also performed with big bands directed by the likes of Dave Panichi and Bruce Paulson.

A young and dynamic bass player passionate about music, Leon left New Zealand in 2013 heading to the UK to search out more musical opportunities, where he met and is now being mentored by American bass veteran Troy Antunes whose credits include Justin Timberlake.

Since being in the UK he has played for Jesse Sheehan, Weston Rd, Matt Mulholland, Ny Oh as well as X Factor finalist Sam Callahan.


How would you describe your ideal bass sound?

My sound has quite a lot of mid in it, to be honest, I like the top end. My sound personally is quite crunchy, so I like to have that definition. Eden amps deliver that incredibly!

If you could play bass with any act, past or present, who would it be?

It would have to be between Black Sabbath or Iron Maiden!

Can you tell us a bit about your bass guitar(s)?

I currently play Sire basses, I have the Marcus Miller P7 and Marcus Miller V7 Vintage. Both incredible instruments that, coupled with the Edens, deliver the goods! 

What would be your one top tip for Eden bassists?

Keep playing! Play whatever you can, as much as you can!