Sam Douglas

Bass player Sam Douglas has been the British alt rockers, Mallory Knox, since their formation in 2009. The band are proving to be an unstoppable force within the industry with their first three albums featuring in the UK top 40 charts. Mallory Knox are no strangers to the festival circuit and have taken to the stage at Download, Slam Dunk, Reading and Leeds and Warped Tour. Since the departure of their frontman, Sam has taken over the lead vocals, leaving everyone excited to see what's next for the band. 


When did you start playing bass?

I started playing bass when I was 13 years old. Back when I was a lot younger and healthier I was a keen sportsman but I got injured and for six months I was housebound and that's when I first picked up a bass. It was one of those things that when I realised I could actually play two or three notes that didn't sound completely awful that I couldn't put it down. Ultimately when I recovered from my injury I'd realised i'd replaced my love of sport with the love of playing music. I'd always grown up living rock music but with no one else in my family ever playing a guitar or bass I never once thought that I myself would ever actually be able to play bass to my favourite bands & songs.

Who are your musical influences and bass heroes?

I grew up the absolute biggest Blink-182 fan so therefore Mark Hoppus is my idol. Knowing what I know now I realise that his bassline may not be the most complex and difficult to play, but as a kid they were everything. I would sit in my room everyday playing along to their entire back catalogue. The way he played completely influenced the way I played and still does to this day. I was always into the bass/singer combination which Hoppus falls into but alongside him I was hugely influenced by Kenny Vasoli of The Starting Line. When I watched the music video for their song "The Best Of Me" the very next week I went out and bought myself a Fender Jazz bass because that's what he played.

What do you like most about your Eden rig?

Admittedly I’m not the biggest of gearheads, I've always enjoyed the aspect of song writing a lot more than reading up on gear but the first time I played through my Eden rig I was so happy with the clarity of the sound. It was so clean and pure and it just added another level to everything. I've had problems in the past with struggling to fine tune my sound but with my Eden I can get there within a matter of minutes if i'm not completely happy with it. I always know I’m onto something in a sound check when I first plug in and James & Joe our two guitarists turn round and tell me how hench it sounds and truly they'd never said anything along those lines before I started playing through Eden, it takes a lot to impress those two!

If you had to give one top tip to Eden bassists, what would it be?

Quite honestly it would be to not stop playing. The only way to better yourself is to play more. It took me a long time to get to the point where I was truly happy with my playing and basslines I was writing. The more I played the more I found myself understanding the how much of an importance the bass plays in a song and the more you understand it the more fun it will be. I always challenged myself to play along to my favourite bands and that's how I learnt to play, whichever way works for you just keep at it, and have fun while you're doing it. You can talk as much as you want about the importance of Guitars and drums and of course they are, but the bass is the absolute middle ground and the glue that connects it all together.