Posted: 24 January 2019

Marshall are proud to introduce the new Marshall Studio series.

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The history of rock music has been defined by the Marshall crunch, but today many players want a portable solution that enables them to play intimate gigs, at home, or in modern recording studios.

Marshall are proud to introduce the new Marshall Studio series. The Studio Classic (JCM800 2203) and Studio Vintage (JMP 1959SLP) are 20W versions of the legendary amps which replicate the powerful Marshall tones.

Manufactured in the Marshall factory in Bletchley, England, these two new amps along with the renamed Studio Jubilee (formerly Mini Jubilee) form a formidable range of amps that have captured the hearts and imaginations of countless guitarists worldwide. The precision engineering associated with the original amps has been carefully captured to give the same sonic satisfaction in the new smaller, lighter heads and combos.

Featuring three ECC83 valves and two EL34 valves, expect smooth bright cleans and raw, generation defining overdrive tones. The Studio Classic and Studio Vintage combos have 10” Celestion V-type speakers that deliver authentic crunch with staggering portability and flexibility.

In addition, power reduction technology enables switching between 20W and 5W without any need for an attenuator. Recreating tone without compromise has never been easier.

Jon Ellery, Managing Director says: “It is always daunting when tackling a challenge of modernising such iconic tones, but I am delighted, the team have done a brilliant job. It is with immense pride we launch these new British built amplifiers and respond to the modern trends. Along with Origin, this is just the beginning of what we have planned for our dedicated fans and the next generation alike.”

The Marshall Studio series is available from all major distributors as of Winter NAMM 2019. For all press related enquiries please contact

Check out full details and technical specifications for the Studio Classic head or combo, and the Studio Vintage head or combo.