Cutting the Cord – Wired or Wireless?

Posted: 28 July 2020

Can modern-day wireless rigs retire the wire? Should you stick with the classic guitar cable? We take a look at the pros and cons of wired and wireless setups to help you decide which is right for you.

Read time: 3 mins

Is there a difference in sound quality?

Some guitarists will swear there is, but many professionals have said there is little to no difference in sound quality with either a guitar cable or wireless transmitter and receiver. Naturally, anything that stands between your guitar and the amplifier will affect the final results we suggest that you should always buy quality products. This will avoid any noise or buzz that can come with cheaper cables with poor shielding.


Both have their pros and cons and when set up correctly with high quality products, both will deliver a professional sound. We think it comes down to personal preference and what you are using it for. A wire is a great cost-effective solution if you’re playing at home and a wireless system may be worth the investment to ensure you deliver a great performance, hazard-free.