Posted: 23 July 2019

Do you need a bass rig with all the bells and whistles or can you get the same sound from a simpler set-up?

Read time: 2 mins

When it comes to playing bass, there’s one issue that players just can’t seem to agree on. Should they go the whole hog and use a bass amp or just plug straight into the PA system? Diehard cab enthusiasts can’t imagine playing without a full rig on stage while PA users claim they wished they’d made the switch years ago. So which set up is better?


The primary concern for any instrumentalist is the sound they produce. Some claim that the sound from a PA can seem lifeless and that a cab will do more to colour the tone of your bass. Generally, 10” speakers give more punch and detail for rock or metal music, while 15” speakers offer a greater low-end rumble for jazz. However, some people prefer the pure tone you get from a PA system.

When it comes to sound, a full bass rig also gives you more flexibility to adjust your EQ on stage. With a PA system this responsibility lies with the sound tech.