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what makes a studio jtm?

Posted: 29th August 2023

The newest member of the Marshall family is the Studio JTM. Created in honour of what would have been Jim Marshall’s 100th birthday and to pay homage to the first Marshall amp created. 

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“When I was demonstrated the Studio JTM and it took me back to my original JTM45, it was my sound…I feel like it is going to be something special.”

-Terry Marshall 

The Studio JTM has been created to bring the same warm and smooth tones that inspired generations into the vision of the modern player. Every feature of this new amp has been carefully thought about and selected with the original 1962 JTM in mind

Inside both the head and the combo, we have the same preamp and power amp valves as the full-sized JTM45. Featuring two 5881 power amp valves and three ECC83s preamp valves and G12M-65 Creamback Celestion speakers. These speakers are essential for creating that iconic ‘Plexi’-style tone, that sprung Marshall to the forefront of rock ‘n’ roll over six decades ago. The finishing touches of the coffin logo and era-appropriate fawn fret, also takes us back to where it all began in the early 60s.  

To keep in-line with the vintage feel, the Studio JTM is vintage-voiced and consequently ideal for the player who’s looking for a clean, yet characteristic tone, all the way through to some old school overdriven sounds. Just like the original JTMs, this amp has two voices, the high and normal treble. Using the high treble voice will give the player a sound which is much brighter and more aggressive, whilst using the normal voice will give you a rounder and warmer tone. Many players choose to blend these two voices together to create their own sound, by jumping the channels through a patch lead.  

On the rear panel you can find, speaker outputs, DI out and a switchable FX loop, bringing the amp into the modern day. The added FX loop allows players to add pedals and effects after the preamp stage but before the power amp stage, as opposed to running gear solely through the front end of the amp. By using the switch on the rear panel, the FX loop can be completely removed from the signal path when switched off. Running the Bluesbreaker or the Guv’nor reissue pedals through the Studio JTM range will result in the production of smooth overdriven tones with a touch of compression.  

If you look at the front panel, you will see the four inputs, levels for each voices, standard EQ control and a power switch which allows players to effortlessly swap between the full 20 watts and the lower 5 watts, for various playing situations. With this range, players can achieve those same huge guitar tones but at a more controllable level without having to compromise on tone, whether you’re playing at home, in the studio or at an intimate gig. 

Find out more about our Studio JTM range and what it can do here.