All the highlights from the first ever Marshall Live

Posted: 6 June 2019

Saturday 1 June saw the first ever Marshall Live, bringing the best up-and-coming music to the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes.

The day got off to a bang with 8 acts fighting it out on the Discovery Stage for a chance to play on the main stage, before Japanese rockers D_Drive performed for the first time ever on British soil, bringing riffs aplenty to kick everything off. Following them was Thousand Thoughts, King Creature and Bad Touch to lead the crowd in singalong after singalong.

Rews were next up and took proceedings up a notch. They then made way for Dan P. Carter to introduce Conflare who had earlier impressed on the Discovery Stage. Keywest showed why they’ve won so many admirers around the UK and Ireland before The Hunna performed a blistering set that had the crowd screaming for more.

More was just what they got, and with Yonaka’s debut album released the previous day this was the perfect opportunity to experience their sublime live show. With the audience now fully in party mode the next band up was another impressive graduate from the Discovery Stage, Bears in Trees, before they made way for Press To MECO to bring yet more riffs and sublime melodies to the big stage.

Rounding off an unforgettable evening was Barns Courtney, performing with his heart on his sleeve and finishing off the festival with a memorable flourish.

Stay tuned for news on Marshall Live 2020.