Posted 28 April 2017

“What more could you need? A true icon of an amplifier” – Mark Trotter, Lonely The Brave

Who wants to live forever? Secretly we all do and while scientists everywhere are chasing the key to immortality we're proud to say that we've already found the answer. Enter the 1962 Bluesbreaker, an amp for the ages.

Announced in February 1965, the 1962 was a visual and auditory sensation destined for greatness. The first set of amps featured JTM45 styling with gold panels, black logos and white speaker fret cloth paired with Alnico 15 watt speakers. In August the same year they got an updated look. The grey and white pinstripe fret cloth, script logo, single strap handle and straight-front speaker baffle board are now instantly recognisable as distinct characteristics of the 1962 design.

Like so many of our products, the history of the 1962 intertwines with the story of a famous guitarist. No, we know what you’re thinking and it’s not Pete Townshend. This particular amp was tied to Cream guitarist Eric Clapton. While on tour with The Juniors, Clapton was forced to leave his Marshall JTM behind in Greece. When he returned to London, he re-joined “John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers” but there was just one hitch—he was a guitarist without an amplifier. He went straight to Jim and purchased a 2x12” combo on a repayment plan and went on to use it for some of the most famous Bluesbreaker tracks. The nickname Bluesbreaker was born and it spread like wildfire.

The amps were updated to keep up with the changing technology, fitted with EL34 valves and Celestion G12 speakers. The Bluesbreaker took a break from the limelight to make way for the 100 watt full stacks but a true hero can never die. Offered as part of both the Vintage Reissue series and the Handwired Series, the 1962 underwent a massive resurgence.

The 1962 Bluesbreaker retains its legendary status and is currently used by Laurie Vincent (Slaves), Dean Richardson (Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes) and Andrew ‘Whitey’ White (Kaiser Chiefs).