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Posted: 13th December 2022

Marshall pedals have dominated the market for many decades. In this article, we will be looking at the more modern pedals Marshall has made Mark II series and the DRP-1.

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The Mark I series aimed to recreate the sound of Marshall amps in pedals, but their success actually came from offering something different that wasn’t available elsewhere. The DRP-1, however, was a pre-amp that effectively recreated the tone of the JCM800 2203. The DRP-1 used micro-electronic techniques to emulate the tone and feel of a typical Marshall, so when placed in front of an amp, it provided plenty of tonal options. It also allowed players to have that Marshall sound without having to carry their full rig around, as it could be plugged straight into a PA or could be played silently thanks to its headphone socket.

Opinions were mixed, with some players loving the DRP-1, whilst others claimed its sound was disappointing. Sales were also uninspiring, but the DRP-1 allowed us to introduce new technology and offer players exciting alternatives to what had come before.

And that's the story of the Marshall pedals, from the 1960s all the way up to the 2010s.