inside the factory

Posted: 15th March 2023

Our first amp was created in 1962, and it was only a few years later, in 1964, that we opened our first factory in Hayes. By 1967 we had already outgrown our original site and moved to a factory in Bletchley, UK, which is still our home today.

But what exactly happens in the famous Marshall factories?

Read time: 3 mins

Research and Development

From the inner circuitry to the perfect speakers, all our amps are designed from the ground up right here in Bletchley. Once the prototype is thoroughly tested to ensure both the sound, looks and quality are the very best they can be, it’s given the green light to go into production. All our staff are trained in house to work to the highest standard.


Once Research and Development have confirmed the design of the amp, the product drawings are passed to Woodmill to create the wooden structure of the amp. This includes the outer enclosure and, where fitted, the baffles. All wood is cut and fit to size, assembled and then sanded down, ready for the covering department.


The sanded wooden enclosure is placed on a carousel before being sprayed with paint and glue. From here the covering is cut to size and sprayed with glue before being expertly wrapped around the unit. Whether it’s classic elephant grain or timeless levant, adding the covering is where the product starts to become recognisable as one of our iconic amps.

Assembly / Finishing

This is the point where the amp takes shape and is assembled into the final product. The chassis, speakers and internal electronics are expertly fastened to the unit. The baffle is covered with the fret cloth and the corners, handles and other finishing touches are added.