Tone Tutorials

studio vintage/1959SLP

Posted: 13th July 2023

Our Marshall sound can be found on classic albums, countless stages, and in pretty much every rehearsal room and bedroom around the world. But how can you sound like your heroes? 

Luckily for you we wanted to share some of our players’ favourite settings so you can dial them in yourself or use them as a starting point for your own sound. There’s much more to that iconic Marshall sound that’s still to be discovered.

generation drive

There’s no substitute for top notch tone. Dial up the bass for a really full sound but don’t overcook the gain. The key to nailing this 60s British rock tone is to balance your guitar’s response with plenty of breakup. 

Listen below to the 'Generation Drive' tone.

frusciante funk

Go for a single coil pickup guitar and scoop the mids to create a simple clean tone that has bucketloads of attack. Don’t be afraid to push the treble further if your sound doesn’t cut through.  

Listen below to the 'Frusciante Funk' tone.

rockin' all over the riff

Sometimes straight forward just works. Dial up the mids for a great all round rock tone that’s just as at home in the 70s as it is in the modern day. In your face and uncompromising.  

Listen below to the 'Rockin' All Over The Riff' tone.