common drumming issues

Posted: 19th October 2021

Despite what some people may think, there’s so much more to drumming than just hitting things. Playing the drums, like any instrument, requires skills and practice and everyone will hit a few bumps along the way. In this article we look into some common issues that a lot of drummers’ face and share some tips to help you over these hurdles.

Read time - 3 mins

moving cymbals

A lot of drummers will often have an issue with their cymbal arm or tom tilting whilst they’re playing. Our top tip to combat this issue is to check your kit and make sure all your wing nuts are tight before you start playing. They can come loose whilst playing too so best to keep checking whenever you can.

dropping throne

Ever get that sinking feeling? We hope this one isn’t just us… if you've ever experienced this issue, we recommend making sure the stool is completely locked in with a sturdy holding mechanism, otherwise you might find yourself sinking whilst playing!

bass drum on the move

Sometimes your bass drum may move whilst playing. To overcome this issue you need to make sure you have a solid drum rug under the bass drum with the bass drum spikes gripping fully.

snapping sticks

Playing too hard may result in a few broken sticks… the simplest solution to this is to make sure you always carry plenty of spares!

right fit

On the topic of drumsticks… do you know what size you should be using? The sticks you use can have a huge impact on your performance. Here’s some advice to get you started, but you could go to your local music shop and try them all out until you find the best set for your style.

slow down

Have you ever found yourself trying to play too quickly? Don’t rush! When learning people have a tendency to try and play things at the actual speed of the song. It’s better to learn at a slower tempo to perfect your technique rather than speed up in small intervals until you’re playing at the right pace.

keeping it loose

When trying to play something complex people will often try to force it too much and as a result find that their upper body gets quite tight. If you notice this happening to you, make sure you stay loose so you can focus on your technique.

comfort is key

Making sure you’re as comfortable as possible is always a high priority.  By ensuring you’re as comfortable as you can be, you’ll find that your playing may improve and playing for longer periods of time isn’t such a strain anymore. Making sure your pedals are positioned correctly and you're maintaining a good position is also essential. You need to make sure that the hi hat pedal and bass drum pedal are positioned exactly where your feet fall naturally whilst sitting down. Check out our Natal Workshop video on Posture & Positioning to learn more. 

finding the centre

One issue we see repeatedly, usually when players are starting out, is drummers not hitting the middle of the drum. Not hitting the drum in the centre will instantly highlight any mistakes in your playing and create inconsistencies that are noticeable throughout. The best way to overcome this one is through practice… practice makes perfect!