Creating a world-class band website

Posted: 22 January 2019

A website is a vital promotion tool, so we are walking you through how you can become a website wizard.

Read time: 4 mins

An artist’s website is a crucial way to connect bands with fans, and often the first point of call when someone is looking for details about you and your music. But let’s face it, as a musician you’re more into jamming than javascript, which is why we’ve put together our top tips for creating a website with the wow factor.

Keep it simple and easy to navigate.

People will visit your site to find out information, and most of the time are looking for details of upcoming gigs, where they can listen to your music, and how they can engage with you. Keep your key things, social links and most recent news on the homepage so people can easily find what they’re after. Better still, embed your music and videos directly so people can engage with you without ever having to leave your page. You will also want to include contact details so that bookers and venues can reach out to you with opportunities. Once you’re making a bit of a name for yourself you should also include a link to your merch but adding anything else is just complicating things.

Avoid obscure domains

No one looks professional with a default website address along the lines of It’s definitely worth paying for your own domain so it’s more along the lines of This is usually reasonably cheap starting at around £10-15 per year, and often includes personalised email addresses e.g., which could make all the difference when positioning your band.