What are the benefits of Drumming?

Posted: 17th September 2019

There's so much more to it than just hitting stuff

Read time: 3 mins

Drummers have been the backbone of bands and musical groups since the start of time. It’s easy to shy away from a drumkit considering how much space they take up and how loud they are but there are so many benefits to picking up some sticks and hitting stuff.

Get fit

Drumming is a great way to burn off some calories. You’re not just sat around, you’re one of the most active members of the band and studies have shown that just by using their hands and moving to the rhythm, people burned an average of 272 calories an hour.

Reduces stress

What could be a better way of relieving stress? Picture this, you’ve had a horrible day at work and you got caught in loads of traffic on the way home. You know that you just need to get home, pick up your sticks and just hit the ever-loving god out of your drums. And it’s not useless violence, you’re creating music! Seriously though, drumming has been proven to help reduce stress, frustration and disappointment. Even  a few minutes may improve your mood.

They say that drumming produces the same effect as a ‘runners high’ due to the release of endorphins when playing.

Reduces Pain

If reducing stress wasn’t enough, drumming can also help reduce pain, sometimes even chronic pain. This is also due to the release of endorphins, which are the natural painkillers. It is also known that drumming can help provide a distraction to grief.   

Improve your confidence

Whether you’re a drummer who hides behind his cymbals or not, drumming is a great way to improve your confidence. Not only is it loud and in your face, if you want to get into a band, it will also  encourage you to meet people and develop your interpersonal relationships. It’s hard to be a one-man band!

If you’re in a band, you’re most likely going to be playing in front of a crowd at some stage. Nothing improves your confidence like seeing a crowd full of people dancing to the beats you’re playing.