Social impact

Jim Marshall knew the power that music has. As a teacher he witnessed first hand the benefits that people got from picking up an instrument. He also knew that not every one was fortunate enough to have access to music, which is why he was committed to helping people get just that. You can ask Eric Clapton all about that. It's also why the Jim Marshall charitable trust was set up.

Whether helping artists make their mark or supporting communities and charities to get creative with music, we’re committed to making a difference. Just as Jim Marshall was back in the early days.

Supporting music

Music is our passion, but it's a passion best shared. We want others to have access to the opportunities that music can provide, which is why we work with a range of music charities and non-profits.

Local partners

Marshall Amplification are proud to support a wide array of local charities and give back to Milton Keynes, the town that has grown with us, and the surrounding area.


All requests for charitable donations and support must be made in writing to:

FAO The Jim Marshall Charitable Trust
Marshall Amplification
Denbigh Road