There’s only one… and it’s going, going, gone.

Posted: 8 February 2019

Marshall hosted a one of a kind charity auction at NAMM with eight incredibly unique amps.

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The 2019 NAMM show featured some big news for Marshall, but look past the launch of the brand-new Studio range and there was lots to discover. Eight lots to be precise.

Hosted in the Marshall room was a very special auction which raised $22,000 for two valuable charities, the US based Women’s International Music Network, and Nordoff Robbins from the UK.

Available in the auction were eight totally unique handcrafted amplifiers, taking some of our favourite models and reimagining them like nothing you’ve ever seen before:

Stunning right? Congratulations to our eight auction winners who have managed to get their hands on some truly exceptional amplifiers like no others.

Further details on the extraordinary work done by the Women’s International Music Network, and Nordoff Robbins can be found on their websites.