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Axel Haefner

Living in Germany, actor, musician and presenter, Axel Haefner, runs a small recording studio. There he produces radio plays, audiobooks, tutorials and performs voice acting for video games.

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What’s in your Marshall collection?

I have a massive collection including:

What does Marshall mean to you?

For me, Marshall is the epitome of rock 'n' roll. You think of rock ‘n’ roll, you think of Marshall… they go hand in hand.

What's your first memory of Marshall?

When I think back to my first memory of Marshall, I think of watching bands like The Who and Jimi Hendrix when I was a child.

What was your first amp?

I can’t remember exactly which one came first but I had both a Pearl 30w Solid State and a Peavey Deuce 120w Hybrid. I got them in 1979/1980 at the age of about 14 or 15.

What made you choose Marshall?

It’s simple, the iconic sound and the pure power made me choose Marshall.

Who is your favourite artist that plays a Marhall amp?

That has to be my guitar hero Jimi Hendrix. Although I do love Angus Young from AC/DC… there have been so many great artists & bands who have played Marshall… too many to name!

If you could build your very own signature Marshall amp, what features/functions would you choose and why?

The Yngwie YJM is very close to what I’d build myself. It combines the classic looks with modern usable features that I look for in an amp!

What's your favourite amp?

That would be my JMP! It gives the iconic sound that I have always loved and sought after in my own music.