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Clinton j. keating

Born and raised in the West Coast Rain Forest of New Zealand’s South Island, Clinton has also spent time in Europe. This is where he played with a blues band and did jam sessions around Amsterdam, before returning to New Zealand and doing a year at Canterbury University School of Music. After that, he headed off to Canada for a couple of years performing with another blues act.  

Eventually, he returned to his hometown for a second time and began writing and recording his own music in his home studio where he created an album (Thorn TreeGarden), an EP (West Coast Hard Rock), and several singles which have been released digitally.

Clinton is working on his next album alongside running ‘a tune a day’ video series, which is released daily on YouTube and Instagram.

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What is in your Marshall collection?

I now have a number a number of Marshalls in my amp collection. I’ve got: a DSL-1 head, a MG15MSII (full stack), a Class 5 combo, an Origin 20 combo, an Origin 50 head, a Marshall 2x12 cabinet (origin series) and a Marshall JCM800 2203KK head.

What is your first memory of Marshall?

I think I may be too old to remember! But something that comes to mind is seeing photos of Motörhead and their amps in magazines.

What was your first amp?

I got my first Marshall in the mid-nineties – meaning that I would have been in my mid-twenties! It was a JCM900 dual reverb combo 2x12. It was a great amp, but sadly I no longer own it.

Why did you choose Marshall?

Because they are the sound of rock n roll. Everything I need to play requires a Marshall.

Who is your favourite artist that plays a Marshall amp?

My favourite Marshall artists have to be Angus Young or anyone from Motörhead. Their music is timeless.

If you could build your very own signature Marshall amp, what features and functions would you choose and why?

I would use the Origin 50 combo as the base. Then I’d give the amp more of that JCM800 performance, with Cathode bias tube set, and keeping the origin vintage style and looks. All this paired with a single 12” green back speaker. Visually I’d cover it with the gorgeous British racing green covering.