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Edu Trinnes

Coming from a large music community in Brazil, Edu has had the opportunity to participate in events at the Expo Music in Brazil, and at the NAMM show in the United States. He’s been able to take part in workshops, participate in famous Brazilian television shows, and has been lucky to travel all over the world doing what he loves.

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What is in your Marshall collection?

I have a Marshall JCM 900, a Marshall 6100 Anniversary Series, a Valvestate VS65R, JCM 800 combo, and 1960 LEAD speakers.

Are you part of a wider Marshall or music community?

I have support from a large music community in Brazil. I have participated in events at the Expo Music in Brazil, and at the NAMM show in the United States. I have been very fortunate with the opportunities that I have been able to take part in, one of the best was to perform as part of an Iron Maiden, tribute band with Marshall amplifiers! I’ve taken part in workshops, participated in famous Brazilian television shows, and even been lucky enough to travel all over the world doing what I love.

What does Marshall mean to you?

Marshall makes it possible for me to express my music and reach out to a range of people. I would say that I owe a lot to Marshall, they are the reason I get a super guitar tone. As a musician, my amplifier choice is very important and using a Marshall means that my sound can be crisp, clear and heavy all at the same time. I can’t imagine playing Angus’ AC/DC riffs without a Marshall… it’s impossible! The same goes for a lot of other artists also, Jimi Hendrix, Malmsteen, Iron Maiden, Guns n Roses – none of those sounds are possible without Marshall. For me Marshall is not just an amplifier brand, but a big name in the music industry.

What's your first memory of Marshall?

My first memory is seeing old videos of Jimi Hendrix playing with that wall of Marshalls and his iconic Stratocaster. An old VHS tape I used to watch of Jimmy Page also comes to mind. Like I mentioned before, there are so many guitar legends and killer riffs that have come from using Marshall so many of my early memories and influences Marshall has been there.

What was your first amp?

My first professional guitar amp was a Marshall JTM 60. It was a gift from my father for Christmas one year, I must’ve been about 14 years old at the time.

What made you choose Marshall?

I had never heard such a clean sound, such a powerful crunch, so powerful yet still full of harmonics. All of my guitar idols use Marshall, and I love their sound. So after hearing them play I decided to test a Marshall amplifier for myself. Sure enough the amplifier allowed me to get the guitar tone I dreamed of and, as they say, the rest is history! It became the amplifier that I built my entire guitar career in music.

Who is your favourite artist that plays a Marshall amp?

It has to be Joe Satriani. He’s an extremely virtuous guitarist, technical, and melodious at the same time, and very charismatic.

If you could build your very own signature Marshall amp, what features and functions would you choose and why?

My own signature amplifier would be based on the Joe Satriani model. It would have 4 channels, midi and reverb separated by channel, and noise gate. By having four channels available, it means that it is possible to regulate lighter and heavier crunches. My amp would also have lead channels for solos, reverb to give it ambience in the timbre and a noise gate to avoid any additional noises when reaching the high highs. To make it my own I’d also allow mixtures with other effects that could be controlled using a remote controller. It would be a timbre machine!

What's your favourite amp?

My favourite is the Marshall Joe Satriani model JVM410HJS 12. In my opinion, this model is the most complete. It has most of what I look for in an amp including, 4 channels and a noise gate when using high gains. It has many possibilities for adjustments in the channels. And the Satriani timbre is killer!