Super Lead Superfans

Michael oroszi

From the moment he saw Jimi Hendrix’s iconic stacks, Michael knew that it was Marshall that’d give him the sound he was looking for. At just 15 years old Michael got his first Marshall (and tube) amp. And the rest is history!

What’s in your Marshall collection?

My list of amps include:

  • 1969 Super Tremolo
  • 1969 Super Bass
  • 1970 Super Bass Red Levant
  • 1972 Super Bass
  • 1972 1987
  • 1972 Major
  • 1973 Super Lead
  • 1973 Super Lead
  • 1973 Super Bass Red Levant
  • 1973 Super PA
  • 1974 Super Lead
  • 1974 Super Lead
  • 1974 100W Artiste
  • 1975 Super Lead
  • 1975 2203 Master Model 50W
  • 1976 2204 Master Model 100W
  • 1987 2555 Silver Jubilee
  • 1987 2550 Silver Jubilee

And then I have about 10 cabs!

Are you part of a wider Marshall or music community?

There some really awesome groups across loads of different social media platforms for geeky Marshall fans and collectors which I really like. I’ve also met some ‘in-person’ friends through a shared love of guitars and amps.

What does Marshall mean to you?

For me, Marshall is the history of rock music. It’s where it all began!

What's your first memory of Marshall?

I can remember watching the legendary Jimi Hendrix at the Monterey Pop Concert on TV with my parents. I distinctly remember his iconic full stacks… they were the coolest thing I’d ever seen.

What was your first amp?

I got my first Marshall (it was also my first tube amp) when I 15 years old. I was a late 80s 4210

What made you choose Marshall?

There were a lot of factors that contributed to me choosing Marshall. Ultimately it was the tight and raw wall of sound that cut perfectly through the mix that got me. The fact that some of my biggest guitar heroes, wrote music history with them was also very persuasive

Who is your favourite artist that plays a Marshall amp?

Edward Lodewijk Van Halen. Hands down!

If you could build your very own signature Marshall amp, what features and functions would you choose and why?

Cosmetically it would be a Super PA head. It would have first inputs with Super Lead and then second inputs with Super Bass Tonestack. Then to complete it I would give it a Post Phase master volume.

What's your favourite amp?

That would have to be my 1969 Super Tremolo. It’s an early metal panel with all that Marshall ‘Plexi’ goodness inside. It can go from Clean to Lead on the guitars volume pot. It’s percussive and fast responding, it gives me beautiful harmonic overtones. Paired with Pulsonic Cone Greenback speakers, it's an inspirational sound to die for.