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tommaso lanzoni

Tommaso is soon to be Dad of a lucky little boy, who has already been bought the history of rock in comics! He lives in Italy and is a collector of vinyl’s, CDs and of course Marshall limited edition amplifiers. He has been playing, exclusively, Gibson guitars since he was 14 years old. A massive fan of blues and rock Tommaso’s favourite guitarists include Angus Young and Eric Clapton. 

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What’s in your Marshall collection?

I have a number of Marshall Amplifiers, most have them have been limited edition or customised, so they aren’t your traditional looking Marshall amp.

  • Marshall Origin 20 half stack cream – limited edition
  • Marshall Custom shop JTM offset
  • Marshall Class 5 Green limited edition
  • Marshall Class 5 Red limited edition
  • Marshall 1974x Purple Design Store
  • Marshall SV112 cabinet white limited edition
  • Marshall DSL1H orange  

What does Marshall mean to you?

To me Marshall is tradition, simplicity, love for music and consistency - all of these things simultaneously.

What's your first memory of Marshall?

I think the first time I saw Marshall was during my first guitar lessons, when I was much younger and first learning to play the guitar.

What was your first amp?

My first amp was a Danelectro, it was a Christmas gift that I was given in 1999.

What made you choose Marshall?

I knew that Marshall was the amp for me because I love rock music and I love to play loud and Marshall has always stood for that.

Who is your favourite artist that plays a Marshall?

My favourite artist would probably have to be Angus Young from AC/DC. His loud riffs are so iconic!

If you could build your very own signature Marshall amp, what features and functions would you choose and why?

If I could have my own Marshall amp, I would choose four Marshall 1974x of four different colours (purple, yellow, red, blue) and have them all connected together - 4 times the Marshall, 4 times the sounds! I always loved the idea of a multicolored wall of Marshall combos on stage, I think that would look great!