Elliot Ives

One of the standout musicians in JT's band is guitarist Elliott Ives, whose solo on 'Spaceship Coupe' and live shredding during hits like 'SexyBack' have garnered him praise all over the globe. Ives and JT have a solid history. Elliott's band FreeSol signed to Timberlake's Tennman Records nearly seven years ago. Straight out of Midtown Memphis, Elliott hustles hard, living everyday to its maximum potential. He loves all things vintage and lives for proper bottom end. He's listened to many, but is mostly influenced by hometown natives Eric Gales, Joe Restivo, Steve Selvidge, Kirk Smithhart, to name a few. Elliott plays everything from the heaviest metal to the sludgiest gutter raps. Do not threaten him with a good time. He'll take your lunch then return it on a silver platter. Hit hard, run fast, and love momma.

Elliot Ives Plays through...

  • CS2203 Custom JCM800