Kerry King

Without doubt the most uncompromising of the so-called 'Big Four'. To many Slayer epitomize thrash-metal at its very finest, we are the AC/DC of heavy metal, guitarist Kerry King once stated, whenever we put out a new album you know exactly what to expect. Formed in 1981, Slayer forever changed the rules of the game in €˜86 when they released 'Reign in Blood' which was hailed by fans, peers and critics alike as the greatest thrash metal album of all time. Three decades later, armed with walls of Marshalls, Slayer continues to rule-the-roost and set the standard by which all others are judged€¦ despite the tragic passing of founding member and King`s cohort in six-string crime, Jeff Hanneman, in 2013. Jeff`s place was admirably filled by his replacement of choice: Gary Holt, of Exodus fame.