Malcolm Young

Featuring the carefully orchestrated power chords of Malcolm, and the super charged solo extravaganzas of Angus, these AC/DC Marshall tonal signatures are well and truly engraved into the rock anthems this band has consistently produced over their long and illustrious career. No nonsense, straight between the eyes, loud, proud and classic. 

The bricks and mortar of the seminal AC/DC rock and roll sound house, Malcolm lays a solid foundation of classic Marshall driven raunch and grind over the top of a drums and bass rhythm engine. Rooted to the spot at exactly the right distance from his cabs, he maintains unswerving control of his deceptively simple, cunningly orchestrated power chording. His sound, like so many others, is inspired by all of those exciting and 'dangerous' rock and roll songs he was exposed to when starting his musical journey.

Malcolm Young played through...