Nita Strauss

In addition to being the undisputed king of shock-rock, Vincent Damon Furnier – the living-legend better known to us all as Alice Cooper – is no stranger when it comes to unearthing superlative six-string talent. And, his latest “discovery,” Nita Strauss, is no exception to this rule…

Born and raised in LA, Nita’s rise to the top of the typically male dominated domain of hard rock guitar, is proof positive that if you’re dedicated and determined enough then anything is possible. After paying her dues as a teenager playing countless gigs, sleeping in vans while touring, and selling t-shirts to be able to afford enough gas to get to the next gig, Nita first rose to prominence in the much respected, all-female Iron Maiden tribute band, the Iron Maidens. 

Her high-profile work with ‘80s MTV darlings, Femme Fatale; R&B star Jermaine Jackson; and as the official in-house guitarist for the LA KISS, the arena football team owned by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of KISS; also helped her gain deserved notoriety. But securing the Alice Cooper gig was ultimately the one that truly gained her global attention.

In addition to Alice’s relentless touring, Nita is working on solo material which should be released soon. She is also an extremely popular, in-demand clinician and will be doing clinic events for Marshall in 2017 whenever her busy schedule allows.

One of Nita’s favourite Marshalls is her new CODE25. This diminutive combo not only accompanies her on the tour bus and backstage, but is now her one-and-only amp for clinics. “It's pretty amazing to actually have everything you would want in an amp…in an amp!” the guitarist grins. “No more worries about rack cables getting loose, 9V batteries dying…or your singer accidentally stepping on your pedal board, turning the tuner on and muting your signal! The CODE actually has it all.”