Sean Long 

Hailing from the steel city of Sheffield, England, While She Sleeps caused an instant sensation in its home country with its stunning debut CD, 'The North Stands For Nothing'

"We wanted this to be an album that people can grow up to," stated guitarist, Mat Welsh, at the time. Judging by the band's meteoric rise in the UK since then, the record seems to have made its mark, as did follow up record "This Is The Six".

Guitarist Sean Long combines a JVM205H Head, JVM205C Combo with a JCM800 2203 Head and 1960B-DM Dave Mustaine Signature cabinets, Sean notes "Paired with a JCM 800 solely for leads and ambient layers, this was the first amp I had to step back and say "woah", it honestly took my words of describing the feeling of the tone away. Which of course is never a bad thing.

While She Sleeps released their second full length record "Brainwashed" in March 2015, to incredible critical acclaim.