Tomas Krulich

Some bands are simply hidden treasures and Kabat are certainly one of them, playing to crowds of over 75,000 people at their own concerts the popularity of Kabat is something of a phenomenon in the Czech Republic.

Established in 1989, Kabat play a heavy rock style that incorporates traditional Czech music overtones mixed with lyrics that reach out and connect with their fan base which they proudly boast ranges from under 9 to over 90 years old.

Guitarists Tomas Krulich and Ota Vana are Marshall fanatics and have a selection of Marshall heads and cabinets that are used for both their live shows and recording.

The amplifiers of choice for both Tomas and Ota are JCM800 heads with 1960A cabinets. More recently both Ota and Tomas have been using the YJM100 Yngwie signature head which they cite as being amazing, with its traditional 4 channel layout and sensitive noise gate which helps them with their in ear monitoring.