Vic Fuentes

Formed in San Diego, California, Pierce The Veil are one of the biggest post-hardcore bands in the US Punk scene, having released three full length records and taken part in several worldwide tours since their inception in 2006.

Comprising brothers Vic and Mike Fuentes (guitar/vocals and drums, respectively), Tony Preciado (bass) and Tony Perry (lead guitar), Pierce The Veil have built a huge fanbase in their short history, due in part to a hard work ethic and almost relentless touring with bands such as fellow Marshall users Bring Me The Horizon and Mallory Knox, and the ability to write infectious, catchy post-hardcore songs that bridge genres.

Upon the release of 2012's 'Collide with the Sky', AbsolutePunk noted that the record continues "Pierce the Veil's steady ascent to the top of their league", and they show no signs of slowing down.

Part of their crushing sound is guitarist/vocalist Vic Fuentes' classic Marshall 1959SLP heads, which form a core part of his rig.