Shannon Lauren Callihan

Nashville-based R&B/soul singer-songwriter Shannon Lauren Callihan has found a way to bring classic sounds to a new audience. Finding inspiration across the spectrum, from Tom Misch and Anita Baker, Callihan fuses infectious pop melodies with improvised jazz instrumentals to create a sound all her own.

Originally from a small town in Kentucky, the 2016 move to Nashville pushed Callihan to hone in on her songwriting and instrumental abilities. “I’ve always been into music, but never saw myself being an artist. Maybe it was growing up in a small town, but Nashville pushed me to explore that side of me,” says Callihan.

Since the release of her first single “What You Do to Me” in 2019, Callihan has graced famous stages including Red Rocks while playing lead guitar for Rozzi. The momentum has continued with editorial playlisting from Spotify on their “Nu-Funk” and “Ready for the Day” playlists. When looking to the future she says, “It’s taken me a while to get where I am, but I just had to connect all the dots. I’ve done so much as an independent artist, and I feel confident in who I am. Now it’s all about putting out good shit and building that fan base.”