Wars' are a five piece metalcore band from the UK, whose music tackles the conflicts we all find inside ourselves. From soaring melodious reflections on the existential, to the outright catharsis of chaos, Wars use their music to confront, question and extinguish the deepest demons.

Their debut album 'We Are Islands, after all' was released in 2017. After spending two years on the road, the band went back into the studio to start their next phase. The following EP 'As Within /// So Without', has had more than 1 million Spotify streams to date and leads directly onto the 'A Hundred Shivers' chapters.

Due to be released later this year, the record 'A Hundred Shivers' is Wars at their uncompromising best. Now, with plenty of new music still to come as part of this encompassing record, and an emotional live set to return to, Wars are charging inexorably onward.