Here's to the fatigue

HOW PRESS TO MECO Harnessed DISILLUSION in their sensational new album

Posted: 30 March 2018

A barn in Dripping Springs, Texas, is a long way from home for Press To MECO but that’s how far they were willing to travel to create the perfect album. However despite their talent and obvious dedication to their craft, they haven't always found life in the music industry easy. Overwhelmed by feelings of disenchantment, the band decided to do what musicians do best—channel their emotions into their music. We caught up with Press To MECO to find out exactly what inspired their latest album ‘Here’s To The Fatigue’ and what they've got planned next.

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What inspired your upcoming album ‘Here’s To The Fatigue’?

Lewis: I think we took inspiration from a lot of different places. We’ve grown a lot since writing the first album and become slightly more disillusioned with being in a band and everything that comes with that life choice. But our connection to the artists that inspire us and the aspects that we enjoy about what we do has grown too. I think this helped us to just enjoy the process of writing more and focus on doing whatever we wanted. Lyrically I was inspired to write about how I felt at the time. I wanted to convey the juxtaposition that you experience when you are having a dark time during the summer months. The feeling of being depressed in the sun when everything around you is so beautiful and flourishing. I think we’re always inspired to portray the ying and yang in things either thematically or musically. I guess we just find it interesting. 

How would you describe the sound of this album?

Lewis: We wanted to improve upon the sound and some aspects of our first album and just learn from our experiences writing. It’s got big riffs with poppy vocals and loads of harmonies. Let’s say, Billy Talent meets The Beach Boys.  

Who would you say are your biggest influences as songwriters and musicians?

Luke: It's so hard for us to pinpoint this, as I feel the band we are now is such an accumulation of influences right back from when we all first picked up our instruments. I think you can certainly hear bands like Billy Talent & even the heavier sides like Dillinger and SikTh, but honestly, we're influenced by everything. System of a Down were one of my favourite bands growing up. There's a riff on the new album someone recently said reminded them of a System of a Down riff. 

The first thing a lot of people will notice about the album is the unique artwork. How did that design come about?

Lewis: I worked with an artist called Maximillian Malone who does amazing work with collages. He replied to a brief we put out when trying to find someone for the album art. He stated he was a “disillusioned artist” so I knew he’d be a great fit for our disillusioned band. We developed the idea from a phrase I kept reminding myself of while writing this album—“just lift up your legs and float down stream”—which is saying to just let go of resistance and let the experience take you because you’re going anyway. There’s a lot of existential angst on this album but I kept coming back to this phrase to try and help ground it and remind myself of the more positive message, "you’re here, you might as well try to enjoy it". 

What’s your favourite track from this album and why?

Lewis: That’s always a hard one and it changes constantly. Right now, I’m going to say ‘Skip the Crawl’.  It was one of the first tracks we wrote for this album, yet I’m still not bored of it. It’s also really fun to play, I’m looking forward to blasting it out at a festival this summer. It’s also one of my favourites lyrically. 

What’s next for Press to MECO in 2018?

Lewis: Release this album, hopefully get some more support tours, get out to Europe and wherever else will have us and then get on with writing the next album.

You’ve been invited to tour with some great bands, what’s your most memorable gig moment so far?

Luke: Yes! We've been really spoilt over the last year or so with the bands we've gotten to play with. I think for me personally, playing Koko on the tour with SikTh was so awesome. Just that venue is a spectacle in itself, then combine that with being on tour with one of my all-time favourite bands growing up, it just made for an awesome night.

What would your dream tour line-up be?

Luke: Press to MECO opening, so we can just chill out and watch everyone else for the rest of the night. Dillinger Escape Plan on second. Manchester Orchestra as main support. An AC/DC - ABBA hybrid band (AB/DC) headlining. Pharoahe Monch doing the after party.

What advice do you have for all the musicians out there trying to get signed and release music?

Lewis: I would just say to just be the best version of you and be relentless. The industry is in a bit of a weird place right now and not many labels or booking agents are willing to take risks, you need to get out there and show you can succeed on your own before anyone will give you a shot. Be patient, be undeniable. 

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