HARKS have are an aggressive three-piece psych-rock band from Liverpool, UK. Hitting the ground running with the release of their debut single Polar Bear under their inital name Sallow Pillow in 2019, the trio excelled in their ability to bend the minds of any audience through sheer disorder; effortlessly combining beat-back grunge with the sprawling energy of an LSD trip. After the success of their debut, it didn’t take long for the psych-garage outfit to shift to a darker, more feral sound, loosening their grip of the reigns and letting the frenzy take hold. Quickly picked up by the likes of 6 Music and BBC Introducing Merseyside, the band wasted no time in releasing their follow up EP Wince Meat. 

Manic in flux, with something ominous bubbling away beneath the surface, The band are sonically on the verge of an all-encompassing breakdown. This is noise with purpose; the sheer augmentation of the record alone leaves them leaps and bounds above what we’ve come to expect from all things psych.