Oliver Beardmore

Returning to the studio, Oliver's sophomore effort 'Tailspin' sees an angst-fuelled plunge into alternative subculture, incorporating elements of multiple genres in a relentless pursuit of evocative sonic textures and ever-meticulous songwriting. Delving into self-destructive thought patterns, the gap between reality and idealization, as well as the raw emotions surrounding secrets that can never be spoken of, everything combines to create 'the kind of storm that places a listener within a vacuum trapped between ethereal and existential' (Dylan Grinker, New Sounds).

'Tailspin' is an expansion of the aesthetic established in Oliver's debut EP 'Not Sinking, Yet Floating', which defines a sonic palate inspired by shoegaze and dream pop royalty Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine, and Slowdive but with a melodic sensibility more akin to Lana Del Rey, Radiohead and Mazzy Star.

Oliver's EP 'Tailspin', released via AWAL on September 29th, has received accolades from the likes of Radio One. Having showcased his talent on the DIY London circuit and performed extensively nationwide, Oliver has shared the stage with renowned artists such as Junodream, Swim School, and White Flowers.


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