Queenie made her debut into the music scene in 2018, on Lionesses remix to the powerful “DBT Remix. Queenie, who had been writing lyrics since she was eleven, wanted to see if her passion for rap and wordplay was something she could translate into a career in music. In Queenie’s own words, her next few releases would be a pathway to finding her own sound, and building on what she learned in the early grime scene, to find her flow again.

From then, until now, it has been a journey. From “Letting Up Now”, where Queenie uses a hard-hitting rap flow to let her listeners know that there is never a good time to let up and to keep pushing... to “Laid Out”, a club-like anthem, and then to more recent tracks like “Amen” and “Moves”, that are huge contrasts in sound to one another. Queenie has shown an adept ability to switch between sounds whilst keeping the integrity of lyricism, flows and cadence. The growth in artistry is evident.

Alongside numerous live appearances on radio, Queenie has also performed at the Grime Ballet, Puma, Emergence Fest, Grl Gng, a grime collaboration at the Razmatazz in Barcelona, Wireless, and Headline performances at The New Cross Inn, and Soho House. Most recently, Queenie has done 2 flagship store performances in Adidas and Offspring HQ, and featured on P Money and Friends project release show at Fabric. Currently, Queenie is working on an upcoming project, so that she can be back performing old and new music at a venue near you.


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