What was the original fret on my old Marshall amplifier, cabinet or combo?

Send us a good quality photograph and we will try to identify the fret. 

What materials were used to make my unit?

Get in touch with your model number and we can tell you what materials were used to construct your amplifier.

How much would it cost to re-fret or re-cover my amplifier, cabinet or combo?

All parts to recover your unit yourself can be purchased from our spares department please contact them on 01908 375411.

What colours and type of covering and fret are available?

The colours and styles that we stock vary depending on what’s currently in production. A gallery of our standard finishes are available to view on our website here. Or alternatively, contact your local Marshall retailer.

Can I request a personalised unit?

Depending on the model you may be able to modify the following: logo, fret, cover, corners, beading, piping, handle and rivets. Visit our design store for more detail. Please contact your local Marshall retailer or contact us for more information.

Can I have artwork on my unit?

We are able to produce units with artwork but these are subject to ownership and copyright laws. Please speak to your local Marshall retailer for more information and ensure you read the full terms and conditions.

Where can I get a cover for my amplifier?

Get in touch with our Spares Department to find out if there’s a cover available for your amplifier.

Does the new Marshall logo line up to my original unit?

We re-issued the small logo due to original logo tooling becoming unavailable. The five locating pins on the small logo may be in slightly different positions to those required by your combo or cabinet. All other size logos should line up.