Can my amplifier handle being turned up to maximum?

Our products are designed to work at the maximum and using our products in this way should not cause damage. Running your amplifier at maximum may shorten the life of the valves and other components.

What footswitch should I use with my amplifier or combo?

Talk to your local Marshall Dealer to find out if you need a footswitch and which model you should buy.

How do I use the controls to get the best sound from my amplifier?

Choose the control settings that you like the most and suits your playing style.

Can I plug two guitars into the same amplifier?

Only our AS acoustic series are designed to take more than one guitar. With all other models this action will affect the quality of the sound and may damage your amplifier’s input circuitry.

How should I transport my amplifier?

Make sure your controls can’t be damaged by the amplifier sliding or rolling in the transport vehicle. If transporting a combo or cabinet, make sure the speaker is facing down and the controls are not under any strain. Never transport the cabinet on its casters. Either place it face down or on its side. Get in touch with your Marshall Dealer for advice about flight cases.

Can I cover the vent on top of my unit?

The vent at the top of the amplifier is for valve ventilation as they get hot when in use. Covering this vent will restrict the air flow through your amplifier and will cause damage.

Are all your amplifiers made in England?

Some of our products are manufactured in Vietnam in a factory owned by Marshall. This factory adheres to the same standards as our factory in Bletchley, England. You can find the country of manufacture on both the packaging and rear panels of our products.

Can I have a tour around the factory?

Factory tours are avaialble by appointment only. Please contact us to arrange a tour.

Where should I store my amplifier?

When not using your amplifier, store it in a dry and well ventilated place. Never subject your amplifier to moisture or extreme temperatures.

I haven’t used my unit in a while. Is this okay?

You can store your amplifier for up to a month without causing prolonged damage. If your unit has been stored for several months then you may find that components need replacing before you use it. Amplifiers that haven’t been used for over six months should be serviced before use.

Are your amps hardwired?

Amplifiers in our Handwired Series are wired by hand. Other amps may use PCBs but the other components are fitted or assembled by hand.

Do you have any jobs?

Please contact us for specific information regarding jobs. We also post our jobs on major recruitment websites such as Indeed and Reed.