Product History and Parts

How much is my old amplifier, cabinet or combo worth?

Units can vary in value depending on their condition and their history. If you’re thinking of selling your unit then take into consideration any modifications that have been made, whether the major components are original and what materials have been used. Potential buyers may ask you for this information. Sadly we are unable to value your unit.

What year was my Marshall product first produced?

Please contact us with good quality images and the model number for your product and we’ll do our best to help.

How can I find out about my limited edition unit?

Get in touch with your amplifier model and serial number and we’ll provide you with the information you want.

Can I buy authentic parts for Marshall amplifiers?

Due to health and safety regulations we are unable to supply electronic parts to the general public. Most other non-electrical parts can be purchased from our Spares Department or your local Marshall Dealer. For old amplifiers we usually have new parts that will match the requirements of the old.