Product Set Up

Where can I find the handbook for my Marshall product?

User guides can be found in the product support section of our website. Simply follow the navigation until you find your desired product.

How do I connect my amplifier to my cabinet?

Most units follow the same set up rules:

  1. Make sure the amplifier is switched off
  2. Set the cabinet(s) to mono
  3. Connect a speaker cable to the loudspeaker output on the amplifier
  4. Connect the other end of the speaker cable to the corresponding impedance input on the cabinet
  5. Two speaker cable connections will be required for two mono/stereo cabs
  6. Set the impedance selector
  7. For model specific information take a look at our user guides. Information about impedance can also be found in our FAQs.

How do I turn my valve amplifier on and off?

Make sure you read and understand the information provided in the user manual. These are available to download from the support section.

To begin using your amplifier, connect the speaker lead to the cabinet and head. If using a combo, ensure the speaker lead is connected to its socket on the back panel. Connect the power lead and plug your amplifier into the mains. Switch Standby on and then turn on the Power. Wait at least two minutes before turning the Standby off. The amplifier is now ready to use.

If you’re not using the amplifier for a short while then make sure you switch Standby on. This will protect the lifespan and performance of the valves.  

Never leave your amplifier unattended when it is switched on.

To turn off your amplifier, switch Standby on and turn the mains switch off. Leave your amplifier to cool down for at least 10 minutes before attempting to move it.

How do I connect two amplifiers together?

If both amplifiers have FX loops then you can plug your guitar into the input of one amplifier and then use a screened lead to connect the FX Send jack of that amplifier to the FX Return of the second amplifier. The preamp controls of the second amplifier will not function and the Master Volume now controls the output of the second amplifier. The tone controls on the first amplifier will affect both. Ensure that both amplifiers have a speaker connected at all times. Speak to your Marshall Dealer if you have any concerns.