Why did Marshall decide to re-issue some products?

Here at Marshall we listen to the feedback we receive from our customers and dealers and choose our re-issues based on this.

Are re-issued products as good as the original?

We have to take into account modern day constraints and regulations but we have designed these products to match the original in looks, quality and sound.

What style of circuit board is used in the re-issue amplifiers and combos?

Some of our re-issued amplifiers use the old style ST 1 PCB while others use the ‘point to point’ circuit board. Speak to your local Marshall Dealer to find out what kind of boards are used in the product that interests you. 

What type of speakers are used in re-issue cabinets and combos?

We work closely with Celestion on speakers for our re-issues. Celestion produce speakers that use modern day components that sound and look as close as possible to the originals.

Are re-issues limited edition?

Not all re-issues are limited edition. Contact your Marshall Dealer with the model that interests you to find out.

Are you planning to re-issue any other models?

Our Research and Development department constantly review feedback to decide which units to re-issue. We encourage you to keep an eye on our social media and on our website for information regarding re-issues.