Where is my nearest retailer?

Please use the ‘Find your retailer’ page for details of your nearest Marshall retailer. 

Can I buy direct from the factory?

We only sell merchandise and spare parts directly from our factory. These can be purchased from our spares department. Please contact reception on +44 (0)1908 375 411.

How can I try the product?

We recommend speaking to your local Marshall retailer if you would like to try out an amplifier. They may have an area set aside for demonstration.  

Can I buy your products online?

Many of our retailers sell online, however you should always check the terms and conditions regarding returning your amplifier. If your product needs to be returned, you may need to pay a carriage charge between your address and the retailer.

Is my new amplifier covered by a warranty?

All new amplifiers will come with a warranty card explaining the full terms and conditions of the warranty. If you cannot find a warranty card inside the box, then contact your retailer and they should be able to supply you with one. Be sure to fill in the attached registration card within 90 days to receive an extended warranty.

Is my second hand unit covered by a warranty?

Second hand goods are not covered by a Marshall warranty. Individual shops may have their own warranty scheme for second hand goods.

Do you all your retailers carry all your products?

Most larger stores stock most Marshall products and can usually order what you are looking for. Get in touch with your local dealer for details.

I’ve moved out of the area. Can I still return my unit?

If your unit is still under warranty then you could ask your new Marshall retailer if they could return your unit. However, they are under no obligation to do so.

Will my amp work in any country?

Some of our amplifiers have the facility to select the appropriate voltage for the country you’re in. Others may need rewiring or new components. All amplifiers need to be fitted with the correct fuse for their particular country. All of these modifications would need to be carried out by a qualified engineer.

I purchased my amplifier abroad? Is it still covered by the warranty?

Your amplifier is covered by warranty in the country of purchase and different countries will have different policies. Please be aware that amplifiers purchased abroad are not covered by any warranty in the UK.