Speaker Cabinets

What cabinet works best with my amplifier?

You can find all the information you need about our cabinets on our website including its size, power handling and finish. You may also be able to try the cabinet out with you local Marshall Dealer. Make sure your chosen cabinet can handle the wattage and impedance of your amplifier.

What is the physical size of a cabinet?

You can find the sizes of all our cabinets on our website. The sizes for older cabinets may not be available but please contact us and we will try to help.

Do you stock and supply old speakers?

We only stock speakers for current models but usually there’s a new speaker that will work in old Marshall cabinets and combos.

Does my speaker need to be plugged in when using the D.I. socket on my amplifier?

A speaker cabinet should be connected to Marshall amplifiers at all times.

Does my speaker always need to be connected to my valve amplifier?

A speaker should be connected to all Marshall amplifiers at all times when the power is on. Not doing this will damage your amplifier.

Would replacing my speaker lead improve the sound produced?

As long as you use the Marshall recommended speaker lead, and you replace the lead regularly, you don’t need to worry about reduced sound quality.

Can I lift my cabinet or combo off the ground?

Always make sure your cabinet is securely supported when lifted off the ground. Lifting the cabinet can help to increase the bass response and spread the sound.