Understanding your Silver Jubilee

Be it the 2555X or Studio 2525, the Silver Jubilee® is a favourite with guitar legends such as Slash and John Frusciante thanks to its ferocious tone and split-channel design. Although we can't promise to make you sound like those guys, we've created a selection of videos to help you get the most out of your Silver Jubilee.

Also you can find out more about the history behind the Silver Jubilee here.

Panel Overview
Taking you through the functions available on the front panel of your Silver Jubilee.
Lead Tones
Talking you through some of the legendary lead tones available from the 2555X Silver Jubilee.
Rhythm Clip Crunch Tones
Showcasing the classic crunch sounds available to you with the rhythm clip engaged.
Aggressive Rhythm Tones
The Silver Jubilee is recognised for it's aggressive rhythm tones, and this video helps you to achieve them.
Clean Tones
Not just an overdriven monster, here we explain how to get rich, shimmering cleans from your Silver Jubilee.